Dromex Black Builders Glove


Hand protection: Dromex black builders chlorinated rubber gloves with star palm grip and rolled cuff.

The Dromex black builders chlorinated rubber gloves are designed to give good grip, hand protection for construction, working with rough surfaces while being easy to put on. The chlorinated glove is made from latex rubber, strong and for industrial use. The gloves are normally available in medium and large sizes. Chlorination of the gloves means that they have hardened surfaces, although the chlorine is prevented from interacting and weakening the rubber. Hardened by chlorine, these gloves still have a smooth texture but the black rubber gloves are more easy to put on (especially rubber) as the friction is reduced. The star palm grip allows for better grip using the glove.

The Black latex builders glove can be used in conjunction with:

* Personal protective clothing
*  Protective footwear
*  Protective eye-wear
*  Protective masks

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