Reflective Clothing Supplier – High Visibility Protective Clothing

KTF Africa supplies high visibility reflective clothing in Johannesburg as part of their PPE for personal protection on construction sites, protection for road construction personnel, and any person requiring good visibility for self protection. The reflective clothing is designed and created to the highest standards, and comes in sizes small to X large with high reflective taping on the clothing. We supply different products in this space, from vests, conti suits, T-Shirts, Golf Shirts, Shirts, Jackets, Hats and Beanies.




Reflective vest composition and applications

High visibility reflective vests which are
suitable for use in:

• Construction Industry
• Warehouse environment
• Mining Industry

Tape: EN ISO 20471:2013 & EN 469:2005+A1+AC
Fabric: ISO 6330:2012, EN ISO 14116:2008

Sleeveless high visibility
reflective vest product

  • Garment Class 2
  • 100% polyester,  flame retardant vest
  • 100% cotton woven fabric  flame retardant tape
  • micro-glass bead coating open weave fabric
    fluorescent yellow (520g/m2)
  • Velcro closing
  • Black polyester binding
  • Yellow fluorescent sleeveless high visibility vest
    available in sizes Small to 2XL

Sleeveless fluorescent high visibility,  reflective vest – composition & applications

Suitable for use in:

  • Mining Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Warehouse environment

Tape: EN ISO 20471:2013 & EN 469:2005+A1+AC
Fabric: ISO 6330:2012, EN ISO 14116:2008







 KTF Africa is a Reflective Clothing supplier Johannesburg, based in Randburg, the company has been supplying reflective products all around Johannesburg from Riverveiew/Riversands, Steyn City, Dainfern, Edenvale, Germinston and even across provinces.

KTF Africa supplies head protection products, we provide the quality products click here to go to head products

General Instructions for compliant reflective clothing

To ensure that your reflective clothing is effective it needs to conform to EN ISO 20471:2013.

convoy jacket

What is EN ISO 20471?

EN ISO 20471 is a revised version of the previous EN 471 high visibility PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) standard. According to Directive 89/686/EEC, the high visibility protective clothing is required by law to protect people who work on or near a roadside, whilst they go about their day to day business.

The standards are set by identifying the risks to people. This is the minimum standard for high visibility clothing, which is capable of visually signalling the user’s presence and which specifies test methods and performance requirements for PPE  (Personal Protective Equipment) which includes reflective clothing, and worn in high-risk situations.

ES standard pdf



The standard takes into consideration the materials require brightness after:

Retro-reflective                                                                            Fluorescent clothing
Rainfall Performance                                                                  UV exposure
Temperature Variation                                                               Dimensional change
Abrasion                                                                                         Water vapour resistance
Cold folding                                                                                   Colour fastness
Flexing                                                                                            Mechanical properties

Dry cleaning (where applicable) Contact us for costs of our PPE range or place an order


PPE reflective clothing specs

High visibility vest product information Garment Class 2

  • Flame retardant & acid resistant protective vest made with 100%
  • Polyester fluorescent yellow open weave fabric
  • 100% cotton woven fabric,with micro-glass bead coating flame retardant tape
  • Closing nylon zip fastener with metal slider
  • Clear on black top entry plastic pouch
  • Black polyester binding
  • High visibility vests available in sizes Small to 2XL

Reflective jackets from our PPE range

High visibility reflective clothing supplier Johannesburg, Reflective clothing product information.

• Polyester and mesh fluorescent lime open weave fabric
• Reflective tape is 50mm silver bead industrial Washing T/C Tape
• Closing nylon zip fastener with metal slider and buttons
• Clear on black top entry plastic pouch
• Garment Class 2
• Enhanced visibility from all sides
• Available in sizes Small to 5XL

High Visibility
composition & applications

Suitable for use in:
• Construction Industry
• Warehouse environment
• Mining Industry
• Police / Law Enforcement
• Manufactured to ISO20471:2013
(EN471 AND SANS 50471)
as per requirements 89/686/EEC.