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Personal Protective Clothing and Corporate Clothing supplier based in Johannesburg we look after the Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Mining, Automotive and Warehousing industry. Call our Johannesburg PPE and Corporate Clothing Store, with PPE clothing. KTF Africa stocks protective clothing, safety shoes and corporate clothing, a few kilometers away. We believe in what we do, and supply safety gear to help you be compliant with health and safety regulations.

Based close to the N1 Highway in Randburg and just a stone throw away from Steyn City, Fourways, Waterfall and Pretoria North but close to major routes; we are perfectly situated to provide PPE and PPC for you.

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Our safety work wear is made from strong and quality materials, built to last and look professional, as we supply only quality PPE clothing, please feel free to browse through our safety range product catalogue or request a quote on the safety shoes and clothing we have available.

What is PPE / PPC:

PPE is Personal Protective Equipment and which includes protective clothing, protective shoes, safety boots and protective equipment such as safety helmets and medical kits, which protect you from hazards. PPC stands for Personal Protective Clothing.

Why use PPE (personal protective equipment) and PPC (personal protective clothing)

PPC is a legal requirement in building projects, and also a necessity to protect life and value of life, protecting against injury and infection. Using PPE /PPC is important as it will protect you from:

  • Potential flying objects
  • Protection from welding lights
  • Eye infections, skin infections
  • Burns
  • Physical elements

Protective safety shoes are essential for any building project, outdoors projects or areas where there is a risk of something falling on you, getting stuck in machinery or random rubble. Protect your staff and self by ensuring your safety gear is strong and durable.

Potential hazards in the building and construction industry include:

  • Heat
  • Electrical – open sources of electrical cables in mines and construction sites, new buildings and homes
  • Chemicals
  • Mechanical / moving machinery
  • Physical such as falling bricks, open metal pipes with rough edges etc
  • Airborne hazards such as falling debris

Health and Safety regulated PPC can protect your staff, and prevent unnecessary on site injuries.

Safety policies and procedures for certain industries.