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We are suppliers of safety boots, safety shoes. We supply footwear for all work environments. KTF Africa is aware that as the Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHEQ) or the (SHERQ) becomes more stringent the technology and quality of the footwear has to be better.  Construction safety boots and protective shoes, ideally suited to hard-wearing environments, construction sites and road construction areas where protective wear protects against injury. We assist corporates in getting the right safety shoes for the right environment no matter what your title (EHS, SHE, HSE, HSSE, SHEQ or OHS) take a look of our company catalogue to pick out the different safety shoes.


FX2 Chelsea boot BlackFX2 Chelsea Boot Brown FX2 Safety shoe Kontrakta Shoe Kontrakta Boot

Hiker Hi Boot BlackRebel Chukka Boot BlackRebel Chukka Shoe

 Crazy Horse Boot TanIman Lace-up Safety ShoeKito Slip-on Safety Shoe

Thuli Chelsea Safety Boot

Safety boot and safety shoe brands we stock:

  • Rebel
  • Bova
  • Pinnacle
  • Dromex
  • Barron
  • Chukka
  • Havoc
  • Javlin boots

Go into our Online shop should there be a brand that you would like to purchase as an individual. In light that you are corporate and are looking for a bulk purchase more than 20 pairs please call our sales team. Safety shoes include men’s and ladies safety shoes, unisex safety shoes, classic work shoes and high top protective shoes.


Bova Basalt Bova Gabbro Bova hamburg Bova chelsea Brown Bova neogrip Bova neoflex Bova trainer   Bova Trainer    Bova Nebula  Bova DROGUE Bova ROCNA

  ISO 20345:2011

The standard covers all requirements for safety footwear. The understanding of the classifications, categories and other performance requirements will allow the user to select the correct shoe or boot for the intended operation and potential hazards. We continue to sell the best in the country, always looking to get the safety shoes that protect and have been tested with the latest technology. Supplying a range of shoes from Bova, Dromex, Pinnacle, Rebel, Dot and many more.

 We aim to drive safety in value for money price points. Our boots are known for quality and for safety having the steel capped toes and made from leather.    


It is recommended that the local standards and regulations for foot protection, recommendations for selection, use, care and maintenance should be used. This information is a guide for safety boots selection only. All protective footwear manufactured to statutory and specific tender requirements, and should not be modified in any way.