Smooth Buffalo full-grain leather,  Elastic side gussets and 2 pull-tabs for ease of entry and exit of the boot.• Heel stiffener for shape longevity.

LINING – The vamp lining is made from non-woven synthetic fibre for enhanced comfort and breathability.

TOE CAP –  Steel Toe Cap. • Can withstand an impact load of 200 joules.• Also available with a Soft Toe – 8114. IN-SOCK & TOP SOCK
• Anti-static in-sock is made from 2mm non-woven material.• The top sock is made from a durable polyester material that offers abrasion resistance and is quick-drying in nature. The top sock is treated with Ultra-Fresh technology to impart anti-bacterial and anti-static properties to the material. The top sock contains anti-static stitching and has been treated with a lemon scent for lasting freshness.

• Shank reinforcement for additional arch support. • The Gladius sole is made from Double Density PU/PU. • The midsole is made from a flexible low density polyurethane with a shore hardness of 0.45mm – 0.50mm. • The outer sole is made from a hardwearing polyurethane with a shore hardness of 0.64mm – 0.65mm. • The boot can withstand temperatures up to 95°C. • The boot has SRA rated slip-resistance.
• The boot is anti-static.

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