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We offer a complete range of Personal Safety Equipment and Protective Clothing such as  workwear, hearing, respiratory, eyewear, gloves, fall arrest, hi-viz wear and footwear. To complete our range we also include leading brands of corporate wear and promotional gifts to offer a one stop shop solution to promote your corporate brand awareness.

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PPE safety gear | KTF Africa
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PPE safety gear

A variety of measures should be taken in order to keep technicians safe on the job, including PPE safety gear.

HVAC technicians are exposed to a variety of on-the-job hazards that include electrocution, exposure to carbon monoxide (CO) and other hazardous gases, falls from heights, exposure to chemicals, cuts and scrapes from sharp edges, asbestos, mold, and extreme weather conditions, just to name a few. A hazard assessment helps techs identify the type of hazards they may be exposed to while conducting specific tasks. The hazard analysis assists in identifying the proper PPE safety gear that may be required to safely perform the required task.

Eye protection, such as safety glasses, safety goggles, and face shields, helps keep debris out of technicians’ eyes, and while there are many different versions out there, it’s imperative to have at least one.


PPE safety gear

HVAC technicians are 100 percent dependent on their hands, which is why it’s imperative to keep them protected with the correct PPE safety gear.

Various styles of gloves, such as antistatic gloves, chemical resistant gloves, coated gloves, electrical gloves, and cut-resistant gloves, help prevent cuts, chemical interactions or burns, electrical shocks, or thermal burns. KTF Africa supplies some of the biggest and most reliable PPE safety gear brands, such as Rebel safety gear, and Dromex.

In addition to their hands, it’s important that techs’ feet are properly covered and protected, as well. To prevent electrical hazards, we are required to wear proper footwear such as rubber-soled boots.

Proper-fitting boots that keep feet protected and insulated are key and integral components in every technician’s uniform. Both steel-toed and plain-toed PVC rubber boots that are slip-resistant and waterproof are common choices.

While hearing protection was once something many technicians overlooked, it’s now an essential part of PPE safety gear for contractors. Ear muffs and plugs, ear plug dispensers, electronic ear muffs and plugs, and even ear plug testing systems will keep technicians’ hearing protected while on the job.

Head protection and comfort wear, such as hard hats, a cooling sweatband, a face-shield that attaches to the hard hat, hard hat ear muffs, chin straps, and more, should be considered, as well within the relm of PPE safety gear.

While interviewing technicians, one of the most common pieces of safety equipment they mentioned was a respirator. Respirators keep technicians from inhaling hazardous materials or chemicals, and seeing that they are interacting with them constantly, this PPE safety gear is a must. Some technicians may prefer basic, disposable respirators, but there are many other options, such as full-face respirators, half mask respirators, and supplied-air respirators available, as well.