Our Industries


We continue to supply industries with PPE and Corporate Clothing, the list of industries that we are directly involved with and the associations.

  1. Automotive Industry Export Council (AIEC)
  2. Built Environment Professions Export Council (BEPEC)
  3. SA Boatbuilders’ Export Council
  4. SA Capital Equipment Export Council
  5. SA Electrotechnical Export Council
  6. Fresh Produce Exporters Forum / Fruit South Africa
  7. Farmed Abalone Export Council
  8. Cosmetic Export Council of South Africa (CECOSA)
  9. SA Footwear & Leather Export Council
  10. SA International Steel Fabricators
  11. South African Wire Business Council
  12. Wines of South Africa
  13. Steel Tube Export Council
  14. SA Fruit & Vegetable Canners’ Export Council
  15. SA African Ostrich Business Chamber
  16. African Rail Industry Association
  17. SA Aerospace Maritime & Defence Industries Association


  1. Business Unity South Africa
  2. Business Leadership South Africa
  3. Black Business Council (BBC)
  4. South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  5. National African Federated Chamber of Commerce  
  6. Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut
  7. National Small Business Chamber
  8. Minara Chamber of Commerce  
  9. Family Business Association
  10. Business Leadership SA (BLSA)  
  11. Agricultural Machinery Association
  12. Meat Importers & Exporters Association
  13. Milk Producers Organization
  14. Cheese Producers Association
  15. Liquor Brand Owners Association
  16. Beverage Association of South Africa  
  17. Cotton SA
  18. Textile Industry Association
  19. Animal Feed Manufacturers Association
  20. Chamber of Baking  
  21. Paint Manufacturing Association
  22. FTTX Council Africa
  23. Constructional Engineering Association
  24. Forum of Civil Engineering Contractors  
  25. Master Builders Association  
  26. Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers  
  27. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Association  
  28. African Gas Association
  29. Chamber of Mines
  30. Johannesburg CCI
  31. Eastern Gauteng (Springs) CCI  
  32. West Rand Chamber of Business
  33.  Randburg CCI
  34. Roodepoort CCI
  35. Cape Town Chamber of Commerce

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