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An interview has been done on businesses getting back to work and all the requirements around Covid-19 the shocking part is that there is a lot of information that is so irrelevant to the process that it is rendered useless. The frightening part is that the “frontline” people who do the monitoring of temperature and getting down of details have not been briefed on what to do when the person has a high temperature?

The study found that 72.4% of all people interviewed did not know what the next step would be should they encounter a person with a high temperature as there were some challenging issues:

  1. They were situated at the entrance of the office park and did not know if they were empowered to refuse access of the individuals.
    1. Keeping in mind the businesses in the office park pay rent and should be running their screening protocols.
  2. There are screening protocols at the entrance to the office park I do not need one at my business.
    1. This thinking is not foreign, a lot of businesses are looking how to cut down on staffing and as such might not have the manpower to do this. Right or Wrong this is happening.KTF Africa testing for COVID 19 at the workplace
  3. The tools are not of a quality that is reliable.
    1. The thermometer gives different readings that do not make sense as there has been no training on how to use it, the sanitizer is not the right formulation.
  4. Individuals at work are not required to wear their masks whilst at work.
    1. Another misunderstanding is that once you have made a safe working environment then within that environment the virus will not spread. This is not true as the environment is not a “bubble” there are people coming and going within the environment and as such they can bring the virus into the work environment, as uncomfortable as it maybe companies need to make sure that everyone is always wearing their masks at work.

Warning sign about safety in the workplace during Covid-19


So, the question is how do I get ready to get my operation back to work ready condition? There are some critical steps that the business must take to make sure that they do the right thing not for legislation’s sake but for the benefit of being able to run the business and the safety of their staff. 

Empower the staff that are doing the checking – Have a protocol list for them so that should a person have a high temperature they know exactly what they need to do. Should there be an irate customer or individual who is not prepared to deal with the processes then who do they escalate to? 

Technology – Cheaper is not always the worse, but make sure that the Thermometers are from a reputable company and that they can give you the necessary documentation for them. This should not change if it is wall-mounted or handheld all the documentation needs to be provided. 

Training– The staff administering the “checkpoint” must be trained with the technology they are using; the slightest touch of the wrong button and the thermometer could be measuring atmospheric temperature. 

Sanitizer and cleaning schedules – All staff must be responsible for their work areas. They must be willing to clean and have their own surface sanitizer to clean their space. It is the responsibility of the company or business to make sure that the sanitizer is of the right quality or the cleaning chemicals can do what is required. That comes from asking the right questions “what is in the sanitizer? Please can you give me your spec sheet?” 

Contact List – The contact list must have the name and surname of the individual, the cell number or contact number, the email address and the physical address, temperature, Identification, and a list of questions around exposure to Covid-19. Please always make the person filling the form aware that should they lie on the questions legal action can be taken against them. 

Audit the list – Due diligence must be taken to audit the list on a weekly basis, picking randomly from the list-making sure that the information being filled corresponds with the number of visits and people, also that the information is correct that is being given. This is so that you can contact trace, making sure that the loop is always closed. This list can happen online where the people are required to fill in information via an app. 

Storage of this information – The information must be properly stored as it has personal information about a person. 

Some useful sights that you can use for more information: 

  • SAFCEC – The South African Forum of Civil Engineering Contractors
  • Manufacturing Associations on their websites
  • Corona Virus South African Resource Portal – https://sacoronavirus.co.za