“Make A Difference In Communities Today”

The  Citizen  Strategy  has  been  focused through  the  Dr. Veronica Jantjie Foundation (2020/554344/08) (NPO number: 248-866). KTF Africa looks to the overall  focus of the Foundation to empower communities.

About the Foundation:

The Foundation is dedicated in improving the quality of life for individuals in South Africa and in the continent of Africa. The Foundation acts in collaboration with the government, the private sector and education institutions to improve the quality of life for the lives of all. From the education of students in Umlazi or Soweto, to the health of a young mother in Zambia, Lusaka, we see the opportunity to change peoples lives.

Citizenship encompasses three areas:

  • Community Development
  • Entrepreneur  Development
  • Environmental  Education


Dr. Veronica Nompumelelo Jantjie was a very strong and committed Pan Africanist, Mother , Wife, Community Leader , Fighter, Politician and strong Activist. This strong and highly educated woman , believed that for the society to do well the community would need to rally around changing society. Born through “Royal” blood it came natural to support community projects and people. She believed that the moral compass can only be developed if you focus on the children, the informative years are the best years to teach children how to do the right things and show leadership with a guiding element conscious.

Our Projects:


KTF Africa through the participation of the Foundation has been able to contribute to the sponsorship of the school. We are priviledged to have played a part in bringing joy to childrens lives and contributing to their success. KTF Africa was instrumental with the foundation in rolling out the project “Lets pass grade 12“. This initiative was straight after Covid 19 to push for a good pass rate considering that the children had not been to school for nearly a year and a half.


The children receive food in the school as the chances are that at home there is no food. They receive porridge in the morning and lunch in the afternoon supplied by the Governments feeding scheme. The school struggles with the basics, from simple things like plastic bowls and plates, to plastic cups for water. The children are dishing in any type of container that will hold their food. The Foundation has reached out to companies to see if they can assist.


The Foundation was approached by a child who is struggling with her eye sight. Through relationships there was a need to understand what was going on with her eyes, so a member of the Foundation approached Lisa-Marie of “Lisa-Marie Germishuizen Optometrist” who was so glad to assist.

After the test it was discovered that the child in question cannot see out of the one eye and has 10% sight out of the other eye. So the race is now on to save her sight.  Lisa has been superb and has been approaching other organizations and people she knows to see how the Foundation and all can collectively assist this 17 year old girl. The great news we are waiting for an appointment for her with an Ophthalmologist who will tell us what the next steps could be possibly.


The school has had a list of things that need fixing, from broken windows, to walk in fridge and stoves not working. The challenge is these issues have been hanging for 5 years, with no resolution.  The exciting changes from the list have been: Walk in fridge – Fixed after 5 years of not working Stoves- 4 Stoves fixed after 3 Years Lights – 10 Fluorescent lights Fixed after 4 Years  There are so many other issues that will be fixed from the list as time goes on. However we are glad to be ticking off issues from the list. There is a real need for pest control at the school and this is a challenge as the food is attacked by rats and this is very unhygienic.

We have been fortunate to receive desks from partners and suppliers to be able to distribute to the needy. We have found that in orphanages and places of safety, there is limited areas for the children to study or read. We have started to donate desks for the children. If you have old furniture you want to throw out please give us a call

Chef Benny requested to give knowledge and was all to clear that he wanted to go to the school. He arrived at the Hospitality and Tourism. He gave the grade 12 an understanding that you can achieve what you want irrespective of what circumstances you come from and conditions.